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In an effort to encourage Kiwanians to continue fundraising in a post-pandemic world we are assembling some tried and true projects that you might like to try in your club. Have a great idea? Please share it with us so that others may be inspired by your success. Together, we serve the children of the world.



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Kiwanis members across Canada have asked us for club programming ideas. This is especially significant as we slowly emerge from the Covid-19 virus. Many of our clubs continue to meet virtually or are embracing "hybrid" meeting formats. In both cases we can offer a variety of speaker choices.




New Scholarship Fund for Canadian Key Club and Circle K Members

The Kiwanis Foundation of Canada has approved a new scholarship fund for Canadian Key Club and Circle K members.

It is a scholarship fund specific to those who have decided to go into the medical field after graduating high school. The scholarship program will be offered annually for a 10 year term (2022 to 2031). The scholarship amount is $5,000 each.

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