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Kiwanis Environmental Project Grant

A grant available to all Canadian Kiwanis clubs and their sponsored leadership programs for funding of environmental oriented programs in Canada. 

Eligibility and requirements:

  • The Kiwanis Club applying for this grant must have donated to the Kiwanis Foundation of Canada in the current year, a minimum of $15 per member, as with other grant eligibility.
  • The project must be a Kiwanis club project, not a financial contribution to an outside organization.
  • A club project may involve our sponsored leadership clubs or other youth organizations in Canada.
  • The maximum grant per application is $5,000, one per club per year. It is a matching grant, so the club must provide proof of matching funds.
  • Each application must include a description and impact of the project, the parties involved, a budget and how much the Kiwanis club will contribute.
  • Click here for the application form


Applications must be received at the Foundation office, prior to December 31st (May 31st in 2024) of each year.  There is a total of $15,000 available for this grant. Not everyone who applies may receive the grant or the full amount they requested.

  • A committee will review all applications and determine the priority projects they wish to fund.  This will be followed up with a response to all applicants.  Upon proof of expenditure, the Foundation will issue a cheque in the amount granted.

A post project report must be submitted to the Foundation, outlining the impact and results within 1 year of conclusion.  This would include, photos, a summary of impact and financial/physical commitment from the club.