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Community “Street Outreach” Grants

The grants to helps Canadian Kiwanis clubs to support community projects to help build healthy, engaged, accessible, and sustainable communities.  This grant focusses on the basic needs of our under-served youth, those less fortunate that need support.

Eligibility and requirements:

  • The Kiwanis Club applying for this grant must have donated to the KFC in the current year a minimum of $15 per member, as with other grant eligibility.
  • The project should have a strong Kiwanis lead, financial commitment, and significant hands-on Kiwanis involvement.
  • Maximum grant per application up to $5,000, with one grant per club. It is a matching grant, so the club must provide proof of matching funds.
  • The project parameters/scope should involve or focus on youth, with a priority to projects that address basic youth needs (food, clothing, shelter, and health care).


  • Initiatives to improve the lives of the less fortunate youth in our communities.
  • Child and Youth mental health
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion focusing on youth.
  • Homelessness, clothing, and food security of youth.
  • Building capabilities in other organizations to support children and youth.

An application must include:

  • Community needs assessment and validation of the underserved/unmet youth need in the community.
  • A descriptive overview of the project:
    • including project approach and timeline,
    • degree of Kiwanis club participation and partnerships,
    • the anticipated need and impact on youth and community.
  • Click here for the application form


  • Applications must be received at the Foundation office, prior to May 31st of each year.  There is a total of $35,000 available for this grant.  Not everyone who applies may receive a grant or the full amount they requested.
  • A committee will review all applications and determine the priority projects they wish to fund.  This will be followed up with a response to all applicants.  Upon proof of expenditure, the Foundation will issue a cheque in the amount granted.

A post project report must be submitted to the Foundation, outlining the impact and results within 1 year of conclusion.  This would include, photos, a summary of impact and financial/physical commitment from the club.