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Kiwanis Speakers List

In an effort to help our Kiwanis clubs enhance their club meetings, we are assembling a list of men and women who have indicated that they would like to virtually join one of your upcoming Kiwanis meetings. You are encouraged to reach out and contact these individuals and invite them to partake in a meeting.

Greg Holland

KFCDN President
Kiwanis Club of Penticton

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Let's Get Better

Times have changed, but the techniques to strengthen your club may not have.  We will discuss some new, adapted and/or unusual methods that other clubs have used to attract new people to their club.

Mr. Jim Scott

EC&C Distinguished Governor
Kiwanis Club of Forest City London

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Your Foundation Working For You

Though times may be a-changing, your Foundation continues to help you serve the children of the world by offering you ever-increasing programs.

Chuck McIlravey

EC&C Past Governor
Kiwanis Club of Barrie

Chuck McIlravey

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Virtual Fundraising

In our post-pandemic world we'll explore new fundraising programs that your club can easily embrace.

Gary Levine

Past International Trustee
Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound

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Virtual New Club Opening

Kiwanians make a huge impact on our world by serving the children. Don't let Covid-19 stop you from having Kiwanis bring programs to new communities. Learn how you can open new Kiwanis clubs virtually.

Steve Siemens

Past International President
Kiwanis Club of Des Moins, Iowa

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You can Change Your Club in 60 Seconds

It only takes 60 seconds to change your mind and change your club. I'll show you how.